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Hi Future Co-Founder,
I am looking for Entrepreneurs everywhere in the world who may have common interest in building a strong company. People who are not afraid about hard work, who want to have fun and are willing to meet up to discuss new business ideas.

I am french, I am turning 30. Just to make it short and I am the most proud of:
got BBA degree in one of the top 3 management school in the world (Glion)
Build up the 1st World Tour about French Gastronomy interviewing more than 400 pro in food industry in 23 countries
Got a Baker diploma in one of the top 5 best bakery of Paris
Created ephemere Burger events in Paris.

I am currently looking for someone who wants to build up the next "Five Guys", if possible outside France. (see my video link)

I am not stuck with one idea, I got 10 new ideas everyday, so looking for someone who's getting the same Syndrome but want to focus first on realistic project !