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About Romina

I’m a project management by training, an executive coach and a business developer. In my own startup, my main role is customer acquisition, business development and customer relationship management. My partner and co-founder’s main role is online marketing and traction building. Together we are working on bringing our startup to fruition; that is already in closed alpha stage. It is the result of 6 months of research and talking to the market to understand their needs. We interviewed 200+ business owners and asked about their biggest challenges on their day to day business. This gave us the opportunity to start building something in collaboration with the users. We currently have early adopters already using our software. We want to bring into our team a more technically savvy member to help us move forward with development. The ideal candidate is a Ruby expert that understands that the software must be developed for the user, with the user in mind and always to provide a great customer experience.