Ron Croitoru

Toronto, Canada

I am a serial entrepreneur that has walked in your shoes and can add years of valuable experience.
Ron's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ron

You have a brilliant business idea. Now what?
You have a start-up company facing unfamiliar business challenges?
Your company is primed for growth and need help to scale your company?

I am a serial entrepreneur that has walked in your shoes and can add years of valuable experience in many different industries.

- I am highly creative, driven and looking to build a successful company with the right partner.
- I have multiple interests, so I am open to many different business concepts.
- I have launched multiple companies over the years and was also involved in product development.
- Seeking new opportunities in low tech or high tech.
- I am not only a dreamer and creative thinker but also ambitious and a hard worker.

I am interested in a business partner that compliments my skills.

Contact if you meet these requirements:
- Desire to succeed
- Hardworking and willing to put 100% of your focus on the business. I am used to working 80+ hours a week and expect the same from you.
- Open minded and willing to learn and adapt
- Honest and trustworthy
- You don't have to be a leader but I do expect A players to build a successful company

My main focus is to help a small business that is under-nourished from either a capital or leadership perspective.

Here is an example of what I can offer.
Cash: If you already have a business, and want to grow it but don't need the experience, contact me.
Experience: If you have business/idea but need someone to help get it off the ground, contact me.
Both: I am looking for disruptive ideas and want to be part of them.

I understand the cash restrictions in the early years and how to overcome them.

Contact me and let us build something amazing.

I look forward to hearing from you.