Ron Stahl

Atlantic City, New Jersey, US

Ron's Skills
Product Management

About Ron

My expertise is in philosophy of technology, philosophy of science and epistemology. My professional work in disruptive technology/advanced propulsion research started in 2005 when employed to analyze the current state of advanced propulsion research.

People often ask entrepreneurs what they know that others don't, or in what sense have they found a "contrarian" niche. Since I'm trained as an epistemologist, I can judge highly technical endeavors without investing thousands of hours wielding highly technical skills (such as advanced engineering and physics.) I reason from first principles rather than formulas. I use a different skill set and achieve better results than would most others. I'm also much better at communicating about highly technical subjects than most others, and I understand the key issues better than most, especially as regards how to judge scientific warrant for belief in these cutting-edge physics issues. I can explain what my partners need to know in order to have confidence in the task before us. What is it I know that most don't agree on? Mach Effect physics obtains.

My Passion: Now is the time to develop space transportation that is safe, quick, convenient and economical to degrees that make space travel a possibility for the average man, just as air travel is today. DST is all about democratizing space travel. To do this requires development of a Spacedrive that does not require propellant be dragged along with the spacecraft during deep space travel. What we're after is a commercial Mach Effect Thruster. DST will also be developing IP's in spacecraft radiation protection, telecommunications and radar.