Ronit Zimmer

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ronit

I am an expat Australian with a legal background, living in a non-English speaking country for 13 years. During this time, I created a niche market for international relations services for non-profit organizations and major public events. In May 2015, I closed the doors of my consulting agency in order to develop a company that would serve to scale a single element of the work that I had been doing for more than a decade - "fixing" English correspondence written by non-native English speakers.

I created Mailfixer - an on demand, peer-to-peer platform for copy editing English communications. Our mission is to help people communicate better in English, today's digital lingua franca, and create an even playing field between people from different backgrounds. People use Mailfixer to correspond with colleagues and clients, boost their marketplace listings and profiles, and articulate their posts and blogs.

The Mailfixer MVP has been built and we are currently in beta testing, offering the service free of charge until the end of April. I have personally screened and trained a community of "Mailfixers" from around the world, canvassing all time zones. I am also personally supervising/checking much of the copy edited work being returned to our customers - all return and hugely satisfied. Each text submitted to the system is "fixed" by a Mailfixer and then "checked" by another Mailfixer - in my more than decade of experience I have learnt that two sets of eyes are much better than one. There is no other product that offers the same level of quality and quality assurance, combined with speed. Mailfixers are given five minutes to pick up a "fix" or a "check" before admin is notified.

I am looking for a partner who will take this product into the world and distribute it among various sales channels, as well as to consumers. I have lots of ideas and looking for the right partner to come up with more ideas, implement them together and create a company that impacts communications across the globe.


Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

LLB B.A. Hons English, Political Science

2001 - 2001

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

MA Political Science

2007 - 2007