Ronny Fang

Programming, Product Management

Los Angeles, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ronny

I'm a serial entrepreneur of sorts, having started my first IT firm at the age of 14 in 2001. In that way I've never been a part of this traditional start-up culture, if "traditional" can even be used in this sense. My first firm was a web hosting firm that evolved into an infrastructure management firm ( I also engaged in several other ventures including a karaoke bar (sold), a small online startup (sold), an exotic car rental company (stalled after pre-venture), and a foreign IT staffing agency ( currently employs 80+ Linux SysAdmins and developers out of our forward operating base in India.

I'm not a programmer/developer myself but I have a fantastic team in my South Indian office.

What I'm looking for is a business developer - a sales guy or a marketing guy to open up the doors to my B2B projects: Sales/marketing is totally my weakness! Everything I've built has been without access to these resources -- so you know I make a good product/service!

Current Projects:
Clockly ( - cloud timecard system built for mobility and workforce insights.
PerfectUptime ( - systems monitoring from global locations.
Indianisms ( - Naming in progress - eductional website to teach western vernacular to Indian students and professionals.

If you aren't interested in partnering, my firm is always open to take on new clients for PHP or front-end dev work.

Product Management

The University of Texas at Austin

Asian Studies

2012 - 2012

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business


2017 - 2017

Co-working Space

WeWork Labs