Rory Byrne

London, United Kingdom

Rory's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rory

Human rights defenders are increasingly targets of harrassment, arrest, torture and death. They lack the simple knowledge they need to help protect themselves. We will be creating a product which provides the information they need and eventually manages this risk so that we can protect these people. It is awesome responsibility, if we fail in our jobs, people may die - if your not prepared to deal with such awesome responsibility then please look elsewhere.

Beginning with a basic informational app and website, we will move on to develop a series of already fully thought-out stages to add more functionality (and more protection) to each person who uses it. No one has ever done what we will be doing. It will cover everything from planning to dealing with kidnap and surveillance by totalitarian regimes.

You need to be familiar with all aspects of scoping and developing the App, website and eventually the online back end to the product.