Rory Carrillo

San Francisco, California, US

Medical Device Design and Development Consultant
Rory's Skills
Product Management

About Rory

I've lead the development of a next-generation Intravascular Ultrasound Systems (not the actual ultrasound transducer but the imaging system itself; I've lead the development of a novel breast-cancer detection OCT imaging system: This includes leading a group of academic minded engineers throughout the development process, taking on the user research aspects to ensure we really understood what the users wanted/needed out of a device they have never seen or used before; I've lead the development of an irrigation pump for a cardiac RF ablation system. I am a systems-minded engineer with a keen desire to understand the customer and get them what they need while maintaining the quality of the product; I have in-depth knowledge of all the medical related regulatory standards and guidelines including lots of experience working with compliance test labs for device safety certifications; I've lead pure software developers through the 62304 development process, in an lean agile environment; I've implemented quality systems for a few medical startups; I've worked with several cross-function teams with both highly respected and experience engineers as well as engineers who had no development experience.

Work Experience

Medical Device Design and Development Consultant

Various Companies

September 2012 - December 2016