Ross Rountree

Austin, Texas, US

Ross's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ross

I have a site that was built in India via Odesk. The site was designed to be the beta site or demo site, but not the end-all final site for initial public launch. I need designer/developer that is experienced in .NET to fix, debug and tweak a few things to my existing site, BUT who can also take on a complete re-write of my entire site and tech stack in another language, whichever language that they would would have a complete "open canvas" to architect a new kick-ass site that will be poised for national (and eventually global) domination in the lead generation space. I would prefer some proven success and experience within other startups, but not completely required. My business plan is in place, some potential "founding" corporate clients have been contacted and the relationships are being fostured to provide a wealth of content for the final launch of the site. The market that we will be penetrating is HUGE and there are no current players in this specific space. The runway to profitability looks to be very short with TONS of upside growth potential. The site is user-generated content and is a subscription based service that will also offer a per-per lead option and possibly a technical integration for some with an affiliate program option. Reach out to me and let's talk shop. I am ready to find my technical partner to make my site technically sound and ready for explosive growth. I look forward to connecting with you!