Roy Yosef

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Business Development
Product Management

About Roy

Hey !
My name is Roy Yosef, i am a part of Flybymedia who is the biggest indoor platform for retailers in the world.
Moreover, I work with many other technologies that enable for retailers the first scalable in-store experience, SaaS platform.
I am looking for a coder that will leverage those technologies into one SDK that will be easy to manage and to scale.
Here are some presentations and videos so you can understand what we do
Here are 1 video i prepared today as a part of implementation i am doing for IKEA here in Israel.
Hope to hear from you soon if you believe in this project.
You can read about how fast the indoor industry is growing(from 500 mil to 5 bil in 3 years), investors love that, i initiated contact with all the biggest VC in Israel and some that are relevant around the world, once we will have one client the company value will jump immediately to 10 million $.
I am working with a big corporation called RGIS that will invest and scale the product in 70 countries with their great value of having the data on the location of each product on the shelf in each retail environment in the world.