R.S. Sanchez

New York, New York, US

R.S.'s Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About R.S.

A Digital Native Building Projects for Some of the Most Prominent Brands in the World.

Full-stack developer, Front-end engineer and Business consultant with 13 years of experience in the fields of Computer Technology and Art Direction.

A natural problem solver specializing in E-Commerce, Mobile apps, Content Management Systems, and Front— / Back—end Code implementation for Mobile devices and Web. A quick analytical thinker that will add great value to any team.
“I built my first website at fourteen years old. Today I freelance and spearhead my own company delivering client and digital agency initiatives on a daily basis. I collaborate with a variety of colleagues including Technical Leads, Art Directors, Business Strategists, Content Providers, QA and Project Managers; building, launching and maintaining large client projects with great results. I strongly believe people are much more capable and valuable than they often get credit for.

Being a first generation digital native who never knew what life was like before computers and the internet, I’ve had the luxury of naturally understanding a digital landscape that many of my elders needed to learn how to navigate. I take pride in providing solid, future—proof website solutions to help others succeed.”