Rubi Mazaki Tsaig

Haifa, Israel

Rubi's Skills
Product Management

About Rubi

My name is Rubi Mazaki, and I am 38 years old. Married + 2. Starting as of 2015 I'm working 100% on a project which I believe will rock the mobile market. The product I have already pat-pended provides a stand alone, simple yet complete solution to the "Missing Physical Keyboard" problem. Since the smart phone revolution kicked in a few years ago, we're all staring at our phones while typing, dialing, or just hanging up phone calls. This is true, unless you have a physical keyboard on your mobile device (such as some of the Blackberry devices have). Yet, 80% percent or more of the mobile market is dominated by Android, iOS, and Windows phones, which provide no such keyboard. My solution allows you to use your smart phone in 2 modes: Once as a smartphone, and second as a smart phone with keyboard.
So, I've got more than just proof-of-concept and a patent pending. Now I'm looking for a sharp tallented developer, to team up with me in this early stage of the entrepreneurship.

Plus-es: Experienced Android/Java developer, living in/near to Haifa, ready to commit, good social skills (important!).