Rudi Garcia

Design, Operations, Growth Hacking

Dallas, Texas, US


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About Rudi

I'm not only a creative person when it comes to visual art, but also a creative person when it comes to management. I realize I have traits of an entrepreneur when I lost my investments, paid my debt back, and take calculated risks based on past experiences. I'm the type who don't see things as one whole part, but a sum of a part that makes up a pipeline. I seek a way to dabble in different things so that I can get my investments back from different sources. We live in a connected world, so in my opinion, the 'unrelated' business structures are related in some way.


I have a knack to put brilliant minds together

Work Experience

Lead Artist, Game Developer

Indutech | Nexted Gigas

November 2016 - January 0

I'm responsible for creating 2D/3D graphics for the video game department. Also I provide other graphic related content to aid in design, planning, marketing, and user interfaces.


University of Texas at Dallas

Arts and Technology

2008 - 2014