Rudy Lopez

Hope Mills, North Carolina, US

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Business Development

About Rudy

Looking for a licensed Psychologist (PhD) to partner with on a limited scale for a small behavioral health private practice start-up. Someone who is a generalist or can bring a niche skill such as a specialty in autism spectrum disorders, prolonged exposure therapy for military related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I want to partner with someone who does not want to deal with clinical administration and just wants to practice behavioral health. The ideal partner will be paid through the standard commission form of compensation, but at a lower rate. Yearly licensure renewal will be paid for and some training can be subsidized. The exchange here in partnership is more personal income, no headache of management responsibility, licensure renewals, limited subsidized training. The co-founding license bearing partner will have zero equity within the company because start-up capital will be provided by myself, however, a nominal share in the profits could be made available as the company grows and strengthens.

Looking for a Psychologist who can comply with the following:

- Currently licensed as a Counseling Psychologist or willing to / has the ability to become licensed in the state in which start-up occurs.
- Preferred minimum 4 years clinical counseling experience (does not include internship or post-doctoral fellowship)
- Knows how to submit their own billing directly to the insurance company without the need for an external biller
- High Morale and Ethical standards
- Can work independently
- Good communications and friendly
- Clean history preferred (no malpractice lawsuits; if so we can discuss, but does not guarantee partnership)

My background:

I have 15 years combined as a U.S. Navy Healthcare Provider and Clinical Supervisor/Manager. I dealt with limited behavioral health issues, but I am familiar with it. Where my common ground lies with my potential partner is in the area of being a "Healthcare Provider;" I understand the needs, roles, goals, and daily activities of a healthcare provider. Where I will most likely delineate from my potential co-founder is my strong background in clinical administration. My intent is to separate the management role and the provider role within the Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC) in order to facilitate smoother operations; providers will be responsible for providing quality healthcare and management is responsible for clinical administration. I am looking to start-up within the next 12 months so there is no rush at this point, but this allotted time allows for communications between potential co-founders to allow us to determine if we can do business together. If you would like more details please contact me.