Rufin Tshinanga

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Rufin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rufin

What is Popplr?

Popplr helps people launch temporary (Pop Up) stores, restaurants, events, and districts in vacant spaces near you. If you’re a shopper or adventurer seeking intriguing experiences, Popplr allows you to request a Pop Up (one that’s temporary, but with the potential for permanence) in your area. Independent product owners, designers, chefs, e-commerce brands, and city districts can open a temporary retail experience with like-minded people.

My Background -

I have enjoyed meeting fascinating people of all backgrounds in 3 different continents. My background is in marketing, special events, growth hacking, product and business development, brand strategy, and user acquisition. I have provided marketing consulting services for major brands (AT&T, Brand Jordan, Grey Goose), start ups (Cycloramic who just received $500,000 investment from Marc Cuban on Shark Tank), and entertainers (Drake, Ludacris, T.I., etc)

Who am I looking for?

I am looking for a Co-founder CTO. An A++ technologist with absurd engineering chops. Core product builder (API, server configurations, core code, databases, etc). This individual has the ability to architect and implement the product visionary’s ideas, and one who commands the respect of other superstar engineers whom he/she can attract, inspire and lead in the engineering team.

Award - Winner of Startup Weekend Atlanta Spring 2013