Peoria, Illinois, US

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I consider myself a very effective mechanical engineer and inventor. I have been inventing since I was in second grade when I would take apart RC cars and put better parts in them or make them do things they were not intended to do. Built little toy hover crafts and such when I was that young.

I am currently interested in website development projects using wordpress (yes I know that isn't real developement in the eyes of a dev or at least most devs) and am pretty decent at putting them together even though I don't know how to program. I know the concepts of programming but never was able to remember the syntax and such.

I have some wordpress plugins I would like to see made and that I know would be useful to people. I am capable of monetizing almost anything as well as marketing many things. I am currently working on a startup wiki that has information ona lot of startup, entrepreneur and business aspsects and methods and resources for them.


I would like to work on developing some wordpress plugins with someone. I am excellent at designing a good user experience and mocking things up and getting it to the masses. The first project I would like to see done is a responsive video player plugin that has playlist functionality. I have a design already laid out at the various sizes. I also have the various feature list and plugins that currently do similar features.

If we can pull this off it would sell very well. Many people are looking for this solution. There are various other ideas as well but this is by far the most profitable one.