Rujing Wang

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Rujing's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Rujing

Hi! I'm the founder of, a social media site where you can search and follow fashion bloggers by size and budget. The relatively new industry of 'influencer marketing' is exploding right now! While there are lots of companies competing in this sector, we have a unique idea of filtering bloggers in a consumer-relevant way. With the right team, Silkstaq could have millions of users and be the go-to portal for online shopping for fashion, beauty, and more.

I learned to code to build the Silkstaq prototype, and I've gained extensive experience managing - and actually doing - web development and branding. We have an amazing photographer/videographer who launched Marie Claire in the Czech Republic on our team for our branding/art director. We have seed funding.

The ideal candidate(s):
- an incredibly talented graphic and web designer and front end developer
- a backend architect and developer who prizes elegant code and has experience managing a team
- a brilliant marketing genius with a keen business sense

Looking forward to meeting you!


Umass Boston

BS, Environmental Studies

2010 - 2010