Ruka Osoba

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Ruka's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ruka

As a recruiter and sales manager with a direct sales financial services company, I worked to create my own small agency within this company. I acquired sales knowledge and techniques which plays to my strength. I also worked as a content analyst with LexisNexis and participated weekly in our sales meetings. Currently, I am the founder of a start up company that I'm super excited to see develop into a global company. Our focus is to streamline and simplify the travel process by providing customized tools to help you plan, organize, chronicle and share your travel experience. We also want to connect people with smaller/medium businesses (food, nightlife, day life, activities, venues, etc) so that they can truly be a part of the cultural experience. I'm currently learning how to code so I'm looking for a tech-cofounder who can compliment my knowledge in this area as well as a highly experienced travellers who also have knowledge in finances/fundraising. Excited to meet you soon!