Russell Miller

New York, New York, US

We can make kids' screentime smart, fun & worthwhile...
Russell's Skills
Education and Instructional Design
Narrative Journalism
Developmental Psychology
Children's Media
Children's Entertainment
Product Management

About Russell

The service is amazing--and not only do we have international support to prove it, but I've been invited to present the concept at children's media conferences from the UK to Qatar to Malaysia. I've been in this business all my life, which means I both love it and know how to creatively disrupt it. The goal: An ethical, sustainable (then highly profitable!) B-corp built around a global online brand.

Product, creative and market strategies are all in tiptop shape. The partner I need now is a buttoned-down, technology-savvy operations guru. Experience wrangling investors would be a plus. Start-up experience, even better.

Find the full story at, then let's get to the next level.