Ruta Raju

Cupertino, California, US

Ruta's Skills
Product Management

About Ruta

Previously I was the Design Strategist, Director at SAP & Headed product design for Yahoo Front Doors Group (, My Yahoo, Toolbar, Buzz etc).

Working on a mobile app called Geopops. With Geopops you can leave a photo or video note in a specified zone for your friends and It pops when they arrive in that zone. It also let’s you discover your surroundings, nearby business and moments people have shared in that zone. I have a 3 engineerings on board and built 80% of the product and looking for a May/June release. I am also signing up interesting people to seed the product with valuable/meaning full content.

Looking for a co-founder/CTO kind of a person who can drive the engineering to the next level, drive vision with me and start pitching the product with VCs & accelerators. I have been speaking with Y combinator and few VCs, they are very enthusiastic about the product and it’s possibilities.