Ryan Arriaga

Rocklin, California, US

Founder and CEO
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About Ryan

I suppose you can call me a seasoned entrepreneur. I started my first company when I was 23 that is a Restaurant Reservation software that is now in National restaurant chains. I am onto my next large project and actively seeking a solid CTO - equity involved.

My new project has raised a 100k Pre-Seed round to date and we are looking at another 500k - 1M. I like the type of co-founder that is passionate about their work like I am. Who wants to build the dream together, who can help take over our technical piece and jump in and program at the early stages.

What we have accomplished:

1. Pre-seed Raised 100k with very well connected investors
2. Desktop App completed. Web Version MVP Completed. Mobile App (Android/iPhone) almost completed.
3. Partnerships have already begun with enterprise companies

What I am looking for in my CTO/Co-Founder:

1. Knows Java, Spring framework, Microservices and Kubernetes like the back of their hand.
2. Can jump on calls with me when speaking to IT departments for companies considering our product

I started this company in February and we have been able accomplish an insane amount in a short amount of time. We already have a very strong team so I am really looking for a talented programmer to join me in this growth and can handle the exciting times ahead.


He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right. - Will Smith

Work Experience

Business Analyst


January 2014 - April 2016

Scaled their CPQ department from 3 employees to 17. Lead my own dev team while planning out milestones, Epics and designing user interfaces for their CPQ software.


Sacramento State University

Business Administration

2004 - 2008