Ryan Badon

Plano, Texas, US

Ryan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ryan

With over 16 years in the medical field, I am a leading Bluetooth medical device designer with accompanying EMR style software technologies. I attended both LSU and Florida Tech, with double degrees in both International Business Management and Healthcare Management. In my 16 years I have done everything from working in the laboratory as a phlebotomist to Sales, Operations Manager, to consulting to V.P. of product and software development for a start-up. I am driven, focused, and I work hard to achieve the goals I set. So my aspirations for my company is to be a leading producer of innovative health technology and the go to company for setting and monitoring healthcare trends. To achievMy e this goal I am looking for people that know how to think outside the box to get the job done.

I am looking to be joined by entrepreneurial minded individuals to help me launch my company successfully and streamline my process. Someone that is bright that has a diverse background with a wide range of skills that knows what it takes to properly develop and nurture a success start-up. My biggest goal is to build a team of passionate, enthusiastic people looking to create something unique and interesting.