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Melbourne, Australia

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In today's economy people have access to unlimited amounts of knowledge freely available on the internet, scalable technology that is affordable and can establish connections with others not possible 10 years ago.

This has redefined the possibilities, the sky is no longer the limit.

It is anybody's game to exploit and it is global. We are truly in an entrepreneurs renaissance. It's all thanks to inspired thinking & innovative technology.

All you need is lots of vision, the ability to act and some big kahuna's!

Three years ago I co-founded my first venture called Zyper, a Melbourne based technology company and 18 months later I founded my second venture, a boutique recruitment firm. After 6 years as a specialist recruiter to the property & construction space I took control of my own destiny. I left my job, got married and went to Europe for a few months. It was a scary time and it still is - That is what entrepreneurship all about, starting new things, taking risks and working in conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Recently my niche recruitment company I started three years ago has been acquired and as part of the pitch I have received some seed capital. I am now in the process of kicking things off and I wish to use some of that capital to develop a platform. I am truly inspired by innovative ideas using technology that disrupts industry models and challenges traditional thinking.

There is myself and another guy who is a designer. We are keen to share ideas and develop something that is truly helpful to people.

If you are eager to join a start up as a co-founder and work on something that will be truly useful, helpful and hopefully profitable please get in contact. If you are a programmer / coder we would love to have you as the CTO.


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