Ryan Gonzales

San Francisco, California, US

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About Ryan

I am a UX Design Director and Product Designer with 6 years of creative leadership and over 10 years’ experience in creating web and mobile applications. I’ve created user flows, site maps, mockups and interactive prototypes for the top brands, people, and agencies in the Consumer Services, Social Networking and E-Commerce space. Alongside great teams, I have helped to re-imagine and elevate design, user-centered design thinking and processes for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. I create customer-winning user experiences for both web & mobile devices based on data and insights from multidisciplinary teams of researchers, developers and product managers.

I have been involved in the LA & SF startup scene for several years and have some great connections that I believe we can leverage. I have several startups under my belt as a founder, most with successful exits (including acquisitions and buyouts, the largest being $7.3M), two dissolutions, and two currently operating with my support. That being said, I am looking for co-founders for at least one of these current ventures.

My leadership style is hands-on, but not overbearing or micro-managing in nature. I am stickler for doing things right, but I understand the need to be scrappy and fast (read: LEAN). I am a creative, so finding a CTO and a CEO/COO for balance is the ideal situation for me -- while I do feel comfortable in the CEO role, I also feel that someone with great business knowledge could really help bring our visions alive in a smoother fashion.


To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts. - Henry David Thoreau


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate