Ryan Hamilton .

London, United Kingdom

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About Ryan Hamilton

I've been working on my own startup timestored.com for the last 3 years and it now brings in a good income with little work. I'd now like to explore new opportunities, I have a wealth of technical knowledge and prior experience of a start up. What I would like in a co-founder is domain specific knowledge and sales skills.

I've always been highly technical and entrepreneurial, having started a pirate CD empire while 12 years old, creating hundreds of CDs in my bedroom that I'd download from napster. When I left Uni I went into tech consulting in finance, working at UBS/Morgan Stanley but quickly grew restless and left to form my own company. I've been doing that 3-4 years and it's going good but doesn't have massive growth potential. Now I'm really interested in doing something with the potential to be huge and that would help people. If you have an idea that has that potential get in touch.

What I am looking for:
1. We must get on well.
2. A rough idea, I'm not looking a full fledged business plan.
3. Evidence that you've done some work on your idea.

Can contact me here: http://www.timestored.com/contact


Queens university, Belfast

Master in Computer Science.

2008 - 2008


Certified Java Programmer