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Vision-driven entrepreneur with career-long record of business growth and innovation.

Mr Ryan Heng is a multiple businessman with a plethora of experiences in the business world. He is a dedicated entrepreneur who is self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion & enthusiasm for the business. Mr. Ryan brings with him years of business start-up, management, entrepreneurial experience & etc…

He possesses more than 10 years’ of experience as a real estate investor. Over the years, his diligence and hard work have given him the opportunity to work in different positions across a broad spectrum of industries. His leadership skills and commitment been incredibly valuable for the organizations and greatly enhanced the organization's productivity.

He was instrumental in the starting of CEBorganization.com that brought tons of business value to the group of CEOs, Entrepreneur & Bosses in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Vietnam to network, exchange resources and grow their business together. With his vast knowledge and experience in business, they give a helping hand to entrepreneurs of every level from start-ups, funding, marketing, pitching, PR and general business strategies, small to medium, enterprise to large corporations. He applies his expertise to fit every entrepreneur’s needs towards a successful business, may it be locally or globally. He is continuing to define the culture of entrepreneurs of today.


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." - Colin Powell

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New Brand Story

January 2015 - Today

We provide complete services for Whatever your idea, need, or problem is, we’re your creative, digital consulting firm ready to run from strategy to execution. By focusing on quality and performance. We have dedicated team of creative and experienced minds who know the value of time and money of our clients, Whether it’s growing your brand, creating new customers, making your UI user friendly or transforming an idea into a web or mobile application we are committed to provide quality designs to reflect the perfect image of your company and the brand. Our design solutions are created to strengthen your image. We work as partners with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction in every project. We are well aware of the fact that good branding and marketing communication efforts are aimed to mirror the positioning and vision of any company. Our team includes designers, developers, digital marketers, content strategist, and project managers bring your business towards success. We have achieved better results in a large number of projects by using technological expertise, excellent services and timely delivered solutions.

Executive Director

MegaMax Global Pte. Ltd.

December 2013 - Today

Mr. Heng brings many years of real estate experience to the business, playing a pivotal role in every team development aspect of MegaMax Global: from assisting with the crafting of the sales strategy for the company, to bringing the team of associates to the next level through training programs, developing recognition programs or facilitating network support. A devoted real estate agent at heart, Mr. Heng’s enthusiasm and specialist expertise of the real estate world launched him from the initial full time realtor poll position in 2006, all the way to the top of the corporate ladder as Senior Group Division Director in 2014. In 2012 he was entrusted with a small team of 20 high integrity brokers ready to take on the real estate world. That team he later grew to 60 and eventually, 120 top producers were working under his wing. For this wonderful achievement, he was awarded 2d runner up for the Top Group Associate Director. Mr. Heng’s commitment to a premium level of training, his leadership skills and hard work are a testament to the very high standards of success that he and his team strive to achieve.


District 9 Cafe Bar (M) Sdn. Bhd.

April 2018 - Today

District9 – We’ve it all, Authentic Taiwanese Food & Bubble Teas District9 is a small oasis of Taiwanese Delicatessen and Drinks in the midst of the heart of Johor Bharu. It’s named after a street in Singapore - Orchard, River Valley. It all began when our founder had an idea to create a restaurant that was more than a place that served authentic Taiwanese food and drinks. He wanted to give locals a place where they’d always feel at home, a place that is surrounded by ample greenery and is a great venue to kick back, relax and enjoy their meals. It lets you indulge in delicious flavours while you get a well-deserved rest from the daily stress. District9 transports authentic Taiwanese food and drinks to the heart of Johor Bharu. Conveniently nestled inside the food & drink metropolis, Mont Austin. Here at District9, we whisk you away to Taiwan, the undisputed mecca of street food. Our delicious food delivers the unique spirit of traditional Taiwanese food with a difference being that we add the District9 touch to each and every single dish we serve. Flavoured with a plethora of stand-alone dishes that will send you to Taiwan’s Kaohsiung or Taipei in a matter of seconds without leaving your chair! Whether you are in for a quick snack, or coming for a full meal, you will find just what you desire. And we serve meals, snacks and desserts that go perfectly with our sophisticated bubble teas. We frequently switch up our bubble tea menu to bring you interesting and delicate new flavours. There will always be something new to try, and you will always find surprising new delicious combinations. Regardless of your taste buds or preferences, we at District9 have you in mind. https://www.facebook.com/district9bistro


CEB Network Ventures Pte. Ltd.

December 2016 - Today

With our vast knowledge and experience in business, we give a helping hand to entrepreneurs of every level from start-ups, funding, marketing, pitching, PR and general business strategies, small to medium, enterprise to large corporations. We apply our expertise to mold every entrepreneur’s needs towards a successful business, may it be locally or globally. We continue to define the culture of entrepreneurs of today. https://www.ceborganization.com


Singapore Institute of Management

Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration and Management, General

1996 - 2000


Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration and Management, General

Singapore Institute of Management