Ryan Henry

Toronto, Canada

Founder | Creative Problem Solver & Content Strategies
Ryan's Skills
Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations
User Experience

About Ryan

Principle founder of a content marketing solution company designed to keep websites relevant at scale. Our curation platform provides efficiency around creating website content for both search and social.

With over 15yrs experience as an SEO and content marketer there is a huge opportunity to create technology in the content marketing space specifically around supporting content creation.

Based in Toronto, Canada we are searching for a CTO to help take our platform to the next level and provide thought leadership around the products overall direction. Specific technical skills we are looking for include curation experience, data stabilization and data sourcing.

Current state:
We have a Minimal Viable Product built, paying customers and growing.

Looking for a team player with a great attitude who can generate strong product ideas (both technical & U/X), has solid leadership capabilities and a strong technical background. Team fit is more important than the technical background however the technical is what is going to start this conversation!

My core strengths include running an SEO /Content agency for 12+ years and 2 years leading an SEO content team for a Fortune 100 international digital agency.

Specific strengths include: Creating content and digital marketing strategies for all channels, sales and presentations, vision and product direction, creative problem solver, highly relational.

I have been a part of two content marketing startups and experienced the challenges that come with creating and launching a start-up. Lots of learning is being applied to this current platform and approach.

For more information about me: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/ryanphenryseo


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