Ryan Loesch

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Ryan

Serial entrepreneur that's been playing the startup game for over 7 years. I've co-founded a couple minor successes and a couple monumental failures (or so they seemed). I've been doing contract product design work for local startups for the last 3 years. I have several projects in the pipeline, but have recently begun to focus on solving for two problems.

The first project is called Moover. Moover is an On Demand mobile platform for moving.
We've started partnering with existing moving companies in the SF Bay Area and have negotiated standard rates for moving services. Moving is one of the most stressful chores people have to do in their lifetime. On average people living in metropolitan cities will move once every 4 years. Due to the difficult logistics that comes with hiring a full service moving company, more than 75% of people choose to do it themselves. What they don’t realize is that the savings is not worth the time or the back break. Solution/product offering. Moover solves this stress by providing on demand moving services with standardized moving rates. Users can quickly set up what items need moving and our app will determine the price and appropriate truck size. Service providers win because they get more business with zero advertisement cost.

The second project is called StreetShield. We are bringing automated parking ticket reminders to market. No pain point resonates more with car owners than getting a parking ticket. This year car owners in the US will spend over $20 Billion paying for parking tickets. On average car owners will spend $80 per vehicle, with car owners in metropolitan cities paying upwards of $300 a year. Our hypothesis is that people get parking tickets for two reasons, because they forget or simply didn't understand the rules. We solve this by sending well timed reminders to move your car.

We've made a strategic partnership with Automatic, Inc and will be the very first application to build on top of their extremely well funded OBD car adapter platform. We will make 30% of every adapter sold through our application and various channels.

We have quality advisors and incredible monetization potential. If you're cool, have the technical chops, and feel you have what it takes to solve an important problems, please drop me a line.


Ryan Loesch