Ryan McGeary

Boulder, Colorado, US

Business Starter, Software Consultant, Rubyist, CrossFit Nerd, Amateur Triathlete, Father, etc
Ryan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ryan

I am a business starter, freelance software consultant, speaker, CrossFit nerd, and amateur triathlete.

I am currently working on my 7th business. Of the previous 6, one was sold to a NASDAQ traded company, and one was sold to a private party. Another grossed ample revenue in its first year, but has since dissolved. Two failed, and two are still running.

I am looking for someone with strong sales and marketing experience who can help sell the product to several verticals within the conference, convention, and event planning industry.

BusyConf (http://busyconf.com) makes organizing a speaking conference easier. Whether you're organizing your first conference or you're a seasoned pro, BusyConf can help. Collect speaker proposals, rate them, build a schedule, and handle ticket registration in a snap. Proposals have all the right info, attendees love the offline enabled schedule, and tickets sell themselves. BusyConf makes great conferences even better.


University of Virginia

BS Computer Science

1996 - 2000