Ryan McLaughlin

San Francisco, California, US

Ryan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ryan

Looking for a technical co-founder with experience working in the creative space for a fun side-project that might turn in to something more. Product contains social account linking, profile searching/matching, messaging, and mobile features. I see an undersupplied, timely hole in the market and I need someone who can understand my vision and help get an MVP off the ground.

I'm employed full-time and not looking to change that anytime soon, so nights and weekends is a good start for initial momentum.

I have experience with several similar-scale startups (with varying degrees of success) and large companies, from a design and front-end development standpoint. I was the first designer hired in-house in two multi-million dollar tech companies.

If you're familiar with and/or a user of Product Hunt, Hacker News, Designer News, Dribbble, Tinder, and/or Slack, we're likely a good demographic fit! If any or all of those sound like jibberish, we might not be.