Ryan Murray

Irvine, California, US

Ryan 's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ryan

My name is Ryan Murray. My partner and I began working on our company a little over a year ago. We are small but have large aspirations. We are an internet based company dealing in entertainment. It is our goal to eventually move towards advertisement and eCommerce as a source of revenue. We have brought our concept to market and have seen promising signs of growth in the few months we have been in operation. At its current size, our company is fully funded for a year (through March of 2015). We are looking for someone who specializes in web development to help us design a site more tailored to our needs. Our site in its current stage was built from a web template builder but moving forward we will need to control more aspects of the site if we are to reach our full potential. We are willing to offer an equity stake and will not be requiring any specified number of hours. We are interested in building a team that is invested in the success and survival of the company. Everyone of our team member has other employment. This is a project built around passion. We strongly believe that if we stay true to that passion, we can build something that is prosperous both financially and personally. We are very ambitious and excited about where we can take this in the years to come.