Ryan Pasco

Bristol, United Kingdom

Cofounder & CEO of £MM ecommerce Startup, growing fast & going big.
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Business Development

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Ryan

I'm a super energetic, super excitable individual with a passion for business and building big value. I'm currently the cofounder an eCommerce startup which is now tracking on an annual revenue run rate of £3m and growing quickly (circa 20% month on month). I'm looking to bring our technology team in house, but need a natural technology leader to join our young team (of 8) to head up innovation and implementation as a cofounder.

We have ambitions to move beyond our market not only globally in the same space, but also horizontally across separate business sectors, with technology being at the heart of our business and value proposition. Our biggest in market competitor has recently been acquired at a revenue RR of £100m PA. We're chasing them down...

We don't require funding, and are able to sustain a team but would consider raising if we find the right technical cofounder to grow with us.

Would love to hear from anyone with huge ambitions, a rock solid technical background, experience leading technical teams, an eye for innovation and the work ethic to get it done.


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