Ryan Saavedra

San Antonio, Texas, US

Electrical Engineer, Ambitious Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Biotech Motivated, Reasonable
Ryan's Skills
Electrical Engineering
Project Management
Public Relations

About Ryan

I am an electrical engineering student in my final semester of college. After which I will be creating my startup revolving around bionic prostheses.

Last semester I competed in a college wide Technology Symposium along with 156 other teams consisting of 2-4 people each. My team and I placed second with our project titled G.A.R.A that demonstrated bionic prostheses can be made for lower than 90% of current products on the market and at similar, if not higher, functionality.

I am aiming to turn this into a startup business as competitors are few and potential is infinite. However, I cannot do this alone. I am looking for someone who is willing to listen to my vision and idea and if interested, join me in creating a business that will come to make a name for itself. Ideally, a mechanical engineer to help bring the ideas I have to life. Also someone else who has experience in startups and is willing to devote time into steering the business down the right track.

Work Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant

UTSA College of Engineering

April 2018 - October 2018

Research assistant to Dr. Amir Jafari in helping further his work into nano robotics and soft actuators for prosthetic implementation and exoskeletal aid.


University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

BS - Electrical Engineering

2015 - 2020