Ryan Sd

Montreal, Canada

Founder & CEO of Cavallo®
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About Ryan

For me being the Founder of Cavallo is much more than just a job. My passion in life is in building powerful tools and experiences for individuals and business at a global scale, and in the process, helping people find greater success and deeper meaning in their own lives.

I always had so many ideas of start-ups (JobsMarket.ca, Funders.ca, Listable.ca, etc...), that I did not know which one to start with! I always believed that my next idea would be the best I ever had. After a long journey of reflection, and realizing that time passes so quickly, I finally decided to start my own company.

I finally decided with which of my business projects I would put all of my energy on. I want to start my own Creative Agency (Cavallo).
Cavallo is a website that connects vetted projects with a handpicked community of professional designers and developers. My vision is to build a system for this new economy. One that values the results of the work done, not just the dollar price. Where people receive quality results, independent professionals get consistent quality work, and products are created that both client and maker can be proud of.

I have a lot of experience in the fields of leadership, management, communications, photography, video, graphic design and hustling (24/7).
I do believe in my idea more than anything else.
Here, I want to meet motivated entrepreneurs so that we can exchange, as well as give ourselves key people in references who can help us reach our goals and reach our dreams! Together, once again, I strongly believe that we can drive the firm's growth from a small startup into a full-service experience agency with +10 offices around the world!


Quality and Creativity in everything I do! - Ryan Sd