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Boston, Massachusetts, US

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I'd like to start by telling you what I do and how I can help you.

1. I am an analytics-driven strategist, and I partner with one of the best data science PHD's in the business.

I keep abreast of the best analytics tools and methods for solving business problems across the board. From marketing mix optimization to exploratory data analysis, people pay me to solve really hard problems with data. I'm great at answering nebulous questions like: Which market? Which people? Which features? What next?

2. I am a "business guy" with a deep tech background.

To start my career I spent 3 years at Accenture, wearing a lot of hats. Staring into the maw of J.P. Morgan Chase's global financial system, I devoured and forged 200+ page enterprise requirements documents for some of Chase's most innovative projects. I designed analytics that supported the defense of systems daily transacting $100,000,000+ daily against catastrophic defects. I was at times a project manager, a business analyst, a QA lead. Before I decided to leave and start my own consulting brand I redesigned the documentation detailing Chase's infrastructure at the highest level and built QA tools that are used globally.

3. I am a one-man customer development shop capable of iterating design mockups myself.

In as few as 2 hours I can build cleanly designed custom websites that people think are real. This facilitates rapid iteration of designs based on conversations with users and other stakeholders.


4. I am great at getting the right people involved.

I'm usually the guy assigned to get meetings with hard-to-meet people, and I'm good at getting people excited to help. Ask me how I got Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Chris Anderson's emails.

5. I have my CPA.

After undergrad I passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam in a row over a 3 month period before I started my first day of work (not to brag, just sayin haha). I'm not a CFO type, but you won't surprise me with any fancy finance problems.


Recently funded by an angel investor & centered at MIT's Cambridge Innovation Center. In short, we're building a report card for businesses. We help businesses improve their grades by prequalifying them for connections with lenders, investors, brokers, and other professional services. In the long-term this solution gamifies the aggregation of ultra high value data about businesses that has never been centralized before. B2B businesses are telling us that they will pay for prequalified leads and a shorter due diligence cycle, and we're working with some very engaged experts and potential customers to build a solution. With the right data and the right scale, we can grow into more than Zillow for businesses, we can permanently increase the liquidity of small and early-stage businesses as an investment class.


For those interested in this idea, we are entertaining discussions regarding a limited number of advisor and partnership roles. We are seeking individuals with 20+ years of deep industry knowledge in: mergers and acquisitions, business brokerage, commercial lending, or venture capital.

Warm Regards,

Ryan Tyler Smith


Purdue University

Double Major in Management & Accounting - Concentration in Analytical Consulting

2010 - 2010



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C3 Cambridge Coworking Center

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