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Tech savvy growth hacker. Looking for a tech visionary to innovate in the blockchain and DeFi

San Francisco, United States
Startup stage
User Experience, Strategy, Legal, Operations, Product Management, Finance, Marketing, Design
I believe that the DeFi space is a great experiment to challenge our financial system. As everything innovative DeFi space has a lot of struggles and a lot of opportunities. I am looking for like-minded folks who believe that DeFi can have a huge impact on our society and who want to challenge the status quo of the whole financial system. I am a serial entrepreneur passionate about tech. Experienced in marketing, and product growth on consumer markets. The last 5 years I spent in Silicon Valley. During my entrepreneurial journey, I built several successful businesses from the ground up and have experience in investing in startups. Worked and helped to successfully launch new products for Intel, Oracle, Uber, GoFundMe, Indigo AG, Allstate Farm, and many other startups. Can lead go to market, product growth, business, marketing PR, UX/UI.

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