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S Lee

Toronto, Canada
Startup stage
Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Product Management, Management, Finance
I have the business plan done. Think Airbnb or Think community market place for specific audience. Now how would you make either of them better? I have the vision and the interest. There are already potential investors, also a tentative board of advisors, the business model is solid, I need a developer to create an algorithm so we have a beta site ready to show investors. I have decades of experience in the international business arena and I have a network that would put most others to shame. I have worked with most of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000, so the Business Development side of the work comes with the package. I am not ashamed to say I have little experience on the technical side of my vision. I am not only looking for a brilliant developer who loves to think out of the box, I am looking for someone who is amicable and great to work with. Yes there is a lot of profit potential, but at the root of it all, I want to create a business that has a conscience. If you don't think they go together then you don't belong. Now I need the perfect partner to join me. Could it be you? Standard NDA before discussion.

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