Valletta, Malta

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I am an engineer based in the EU engaging with companies to help optimize their processes. Over the last 20+ years have had the opportunity to work with large organisations in diverse sectors ranging from SCM to F&B.

I have most recently had the opportunity to work in the Construction sector, where I have developed a system that helps Quantity Surveyors structure a Tender and record TakeOffs electronically through a cloud based application. This system provides unmatched flexibility and helps the QS price the work carried out, assign subcontractors or piecework rates, and generate consolidated AFPs with a single click.

As the data is centralised, the organisation is able to achieve accurate cost control, monitor material budgets across projects and most importantly shorten the payment cycle thus saving interest costs on multi million projects.

There are various construction companies in the EU and elsewhere who would benefit from this system. I am looking for partners who can help package it as a SaaS based product and provide the necessary backing and credibility required for accessing larger markets.


University - Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

1997 - 1997

Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées

Business Administration

2002 - 2002


Microsoft Innovation Center