S. Philip Kennard

New Brunswick, New Jersey, US

S. Philip's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About S. Philip

I'm an experienced entrepreneur, software developer and web marketer who is CEO & CTO of a growing tech startup called Futurestay. We are building traction globally; I develop, manage product, strategy, market and love my team and our achievements there.

However, it leaves me with no time to code on any other projects, and I have an awesome stealth mode project that really needs to see the light of day. I'm looking for a lead developer for that stealth project.

We're going to change the way people find stuff to do.

It's a deceptively simple social/activity startup with obvious potential for viral growth and a short path to monetization. We're at 90% prototype stage (LAMP, core PHP, bootstrap) and looking for a lead developer to get as excited as we are about changing the way people take online activities offline.

You are a developer that loves product. You work in PHP, MySQL, JS, JQuery and know a bit about system admin. You have a decent eye for UI or would like to learn it. You have experience, you have built something end-to-end in Core PHP and you can demo it for us. You take pride in getting things done efficiently, and are entrepreneurial. You have 20 hours a week to work on a startup and earn equity over time. You want your value to be recognized and to be treated like an owner, not an employee. You want to be a part of a team that's focused on growth, favors action over talk and is going to do something huge.

We are an experienced team with proven product, distribution and growth experience. I am a coder, so I understand the challenges we face and will celebrate your success at overcoming them. I will also assist with algos and UI where needed. We are super aggressive at biz dev and very proficient conversion optimizers, marketers and SEO ers. We have open lines of communication with a few VC's and angels - no promises but we can get meetings.

We need your skills to help refine the prototype and get to beta, so we can work on traction and product fit. We'll then need you to take charge of iterating product based on usage and handling all the distributions we can get our hands on (hint: there will be a lot). Are you ready to make something awesome with us? Let's get to work!


University of Virginia


2001 - 2001

Kaplan University


2013 - 2013