S. Reiss

St. Louis, Missouri, US

Ceo of Scloud9, Development in Technology, Software, Gaming. On my Journey to Billionaire 30, LetsGo
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Business Strategy Design
Brand Strengthening
Brand Strategy
Attraction Strategies
Assessment Strategies
Structured Securities
Structured Methods
Structural Optimization
Structural Modeling
Structural Integration
Structural Engineering
Strongly self-motivated
Strong Computer Skills
Striving for Excellence
Strive for Excellence
Strict Deadlines
Street Marketing
Street Design
Streaming Media
Strategy Implementation
Strategy Creation
Strategic Vision
Strategic Technology Planning
Strategic Projects
Strategic Product Development
Strategic Presentations
Strategic Planning
Strategic Modeling
Strategic Media
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Growth
Strategic Development
Strategic Design
Strategic Customer Development
Strategic Creative Development
Strategic Content Development
Strategic Concept Development
Strategic Business Initiatives
Strategic Architecture
Strategic Agility
Straight Forward
Campaign Strategy Development
Campaign Strategies
Campaign Plans
Campaign Management
Campaign Design
Campaign Concepts
Campaign Concepting
User Experience

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About S.

Single, Independent, Women.. I have no documented education since over 10 years ago, have no family, have been on my own since 17yro. FT and PT same in FF until I had enough. I will give you money, from the success of my 100% Technology and Software being the only hybrid like it then anywhere else. Want to know how I am able to do this without education on record since 10 years ago... Its my passion, life's work, platform, software, technology, education, all of the things that I have discovered and trademarked as well as patent pending. I am the sole owner of all of it and skys the limit.... Ha just kidding im in the cloud... Scloud9...

I also am top 1% in the world in Gaming Chicks Stats, Top 1 and 6% in Destiny 2. Have placed top in the world 3xs on mobile app War Dragons way back, I was first in Pokemon Go to Level 20 from the moment it released in the Us and got sponcered for a brief moment that was cool... But my ... List of over 10 Software programs and just so happens I have Esports about to be mind blown and evolutionalived to where I just changed the gaming industry for ever....


I'm ScrezzyLouD in the Cloud the Only way I know how Snoop Doog would be Proud Common on Y'all.... "Let's Get LouD" - S. Reiss (ScrezzyLouD)#LetsGetLouDR