Sabby Choudhary

Vancouver, Canada

Sabby's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sabby

We have a start-up company with customers, revenue, and thousands in competition winnings at the national and international level. Our mentors screen deals for investors and we have access to raising our seed round as soon as we are ready. Our problem is that we need a solid technical co-founder. Until now, we have been working with different programmers and our product line is really patchy. There is a tremendous opportunity by unifying our enterprise, small business, and student products. Things have been going well on the sales and business development side of the company, but we don't feel comfortable raising capital until we have the right CTO.

The right person has to be an entrepreneur. We have worked with people who shy away from overtime and it doesn't work out in the long term because they end up feeling bad. They look at the other founders working really hard to build a sustainable and scalable company, and they don't want to hold us back.

Our company operates in the SMB sector, working with brick-and-mortar businesses to help them acquire new customers and retain them more effectively. There is a significant untapped market, and a massive hole left where Groupon use to operate, and we intend to seize this opportunity.

The ideal partner will be experienced in App Development (either both iOS and Android or apache/adobe flex) and also integrating with other systems (ex. MailChimp, Salesforce, bar or QR codes).