Sachil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sachil

I am working in IT services field for 14 years. I have passion to learn and take calculated risks. I have deep understanding of technology but I am new as an entrepreneur. I love talking to people, training them as well as managing them. Besides that, I like taking challenges head on and see optimum ways to resolve them. I like to think that I have ability to resolve almost any business challenge. Recently I have started a new Travel related venture with one of my close friends. I need another co-founder for it.

About new Co-Founder - You should have many years of experience (preferably 5+) in travel industry selling travel products preferably to USA customers. You should be self motivated, energetic and have passion for what you do. You should have leadership qualities and abilities to train people and motivate them to do their best. Since we are bootstrapped, you will only earn from profits we generate so you should have some funds to sustain yourself while we work to generate profits. Additionally, training and certificates in travel industry are plus points.