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About Darren

I have a software idea that has been converted into a prototype. I would like to partner with someone who shares the same enthusiasms and urgency as me. My ideal co-founder is someone who can help me with performing market research, connecting with customers, good at making a sales pitch, knows how to take a product to the market, is very good with social media, and has good leadership/communication skills. The co-founder needs to be business savvy more than technology savvy.

About me. I'm a programmer with many years of experience. I'm ready to utilize my skills to build a start up. Over the years, I've been thinking about potential ideas. I decided to act on this one, because I saw a need based on my observations of my sister-in-law's actions with her business. I'm very good at taking an idea from conception to delivery. I'm very hungry and motivated as I know you are too. We both found our way to this website so If you think you have what it takes to help me pick this off the ground, please consider me as a co-founder.

Now, more about the prototype. I have spent 2 months to build a working prototype. The prototype is an analytic report that is targeted for business owners. The report will be delivered via the mobile device or a desktop web browser. I have decided to go mobile first, therefore I also have a working mobile application to deliver this report to the users.

Product Management
Managing People