Sagar Gupta

Sunnyvale, California, US

Sagar's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sagar

Hey, I'm Sagar!

I'm co-founder at Clippet News Inc. We're an awesome tech start-up on one of America's top accelerators: Plug and Play. We've received early stage funding, and are now looking to go big!

At Clippet, we want to help news publishers give their users the best experience. And we believe that's through audio. So, Grace (my other co-founder) turned down plum jobs at the BBC, Guardian, and turned down acqui-hire deals from Newscorp and others to pursue this project.

And now, we're looking to find an incredible CTO/co-founder to join our revolution. Fundamentally, you should be insanely driven towards giving the end-user the ultimate experience. More technically, we're looking for developers to create an SDK, and to implement machine learning.

Anyway, get in touch: we'd love to hear from you.