Seattle, Washington, US

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Expertise and hands on know how in scaling high traffic applications. I consider myself an expert in big data technologies. I have done Design and Architecture of Analytical platforms , using technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, Hbase and Cassandra.

I have designed data pipelines using Hadoop ,Pig and Cassandra , to analyze clickstream data .The pipeline has a strong interaction with the Oracle Data ware house , i am pretty familiar with the data modeling of the relational and Non relational world. Big data analytic's is the area of passion for me.

Apart from the Big data technologies , i am a expert Java developer/Architect, I have designed and developed many applications in java technologies for past 10 years. I have 5 yyrs of experience in Managing Engineering teams and have delivered several High Impacting projects in my career.

In terms of being a co founder, I am looking for person with some past experience as a Business developer in the Technology area. The other person should have a good understanding of Product, the problem that is being solved with the product. Also ideally should be open to listen to others opinions and be pragmatic.