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dear sir/madame. i have this invention in the r&d/industrial instrumentation field that i would like to license to companies in the US and i am looking for a co-founder who can help building a company to license such a patent (as well as future ones). this professonal shall have proven experience in patent licensing, preferably in the field of lab/industrial devices. the candidate has to be well connected with this device's potential licensees such as devices manufacturers as well as pharma and chemical industries.
the invention is now in an advanced phase of patenting with the USPTO (pending patent US20120241045A1) and has recieved very favorable opinion from ISA/WIPO (even if post-PCT national phase outside the US was not achieved because of lack of financial resources).
i will appreciate being connected with a couple of people with the mentioned profile in order to explore opportunities of collaboration with them.
thank you for considering this request.
best regards.


University of Montreal


2002 - 2002