Salar Salahshoor

Seattle, Washington, US

Salar's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Salar

After graduating from SU with a business degree, I took a job at as a financial analyst. I did good work there, but didn’t last long. After about 6 months I realized I didn’t want to spend the next 20 years climbing a greasy ladder to the top of some finance arm of a major corporation. Not fun!

So I left Amazon to help a young entrepreneur organize and launch his startup, Novel Conception. My partner in this business, Brayden, had an idea for an innovative MMORGP (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). I helped him develop the company and build a small startup team. I was in charge of most business development efforts. I recently supported Brayden in his efforts to raise $1MM in seed funding from a venture firm in Vancouver, BC. The company is well on its way to developing a great online game and human resources simulation technology to license to Fortune 500 companies.

After Novel I joined a scrappy startup called TeachStreet. I met with the founder Dave Schappell and he hired me on as a community developer. TeachStreet provided me a great experience working with an experienced entrepreneur who had raised money from a top venture capital firm.

After TeachStreet, I took a job at another startup, Sono Bello, that was looking for a digital marketing manager. I’m passionate about the web, marketing and brand development and this was a great fit. Unlike my prior experiences (i.e. launching companies, working at a Fortune 500, and working at a venture funded startup), I got to experience working with a serial entrepreneur who was self funded. This company, unlike my other startup experiences, was highly profitable, and in a position to grow fast. At Sono Bello I took charge of our marketing efforts and helped increase lead volume and sales, which allowed the company to grow from 3 clinics to 10 when I left. I implemented an email marketing program, search marketing program, patient referral program, in addition to coordinating a 10 person call center and working directly with the CEO and EVP.

Work Experience

CTO and Co-Founder

Agitare Technologies Inc.

March 2014 - December 2016