Salman Ali Ehan

Melbourne, Australia

UX / Product Designer with award winning products, want to co-found products.
Salman Ali's Skills
User Interface Design
Award Winner
Start Up's
Start Up Projects
Rapid Prototyping
Software Prototyping
Heuristic Analysis
User Experience Analysis
Product Strategy
User Testing
Information Design
Heuristic Evaluation
Customer Journey Mapping
Competetive Analysis
User Research
Human Centered Design
Customer Experience
UX Design
Brand Design
Cognitive Psychology
Content Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Responsive Design
Mobile Application Design
Web & Mobile
Value Proposition Development
Visual Design
Web Application Design
Software Architectural Design
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Online User Experience
User Experience Testing
User Experience Strategy
Product Design
Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

About Salman Ali

Hi I am Salman Ehsan, a product designer, ux designer, a strategist, and an Entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. My digital products have won 4 Australian awards and been finalist in many across the world.

With over 17 years of experience, I have a wide breadth of experience across digital spectrum, spanning user research, ideation, design thinking, information architecture, persuasive and gamified design, ux strategy, visual design, prototyping, usability testing and leading UX teams under challenging environments.

I am a user advocate. I listen to what they say, I see what they do and I live in their ecosystems to understand deeper emotional needs/wants materialising as problems. And with that understanding when I design solutions, they are inherently fulfilling and satisfying. UX goes much deeper then design being beautiful or a solution having flaw-less user flows, UX also means leaving your users with a smile because they are the winners and they came out greater than they thought they could.


Innovate at experiences not at products or services. - Salman Ehsan

Work Experience

Product Designer and UX Lead


August 2015 - February 2017

• Leading UX for an Award winning UX solution, receiving 4 awards for software innovation and being a leader in fintech industry. • Design leadership; transforming business to a user centric organisation. • Designed from green field leading to IPO with strong community of paying customers. • Designing 360 UX solution; starting at user research, ideation, defining, designing, testing and delivering a successful community centric responsive investment platform. • Designing minimum viable product (MVP) and building progressive releases around business priorities and user feedback. • Tracking usability and user behaviour quantitatively as well as qualitatively; using analytical tools and engaging users to develop insights using emails, surveys and interviews. • Establishing channels to collect user-feedback using surveys and 3rd party analytical tools to track user behaviour collect qualitative feedback using in-house user testing. • Collaborating with Marketing and sales team to maximise impact of their efforts, conducting A/B testing for landing pages improving conversion rates. • Engaging users through gamified and persuasive architecture, improving login frequency and signup rates.

Product Designer | UX Lead


June 2017 - Today

Designing future of digital presentation for realestate industry helping them sell towers before they are built. Designing a CMS, CRM and a web-based app engine which produces iOS, Android applications on the fly.


National College of Arts

Masters in Multimedia Arts

2003 - 2005



University of Pennsylvania, USA

Content Strategy

Northwestern University, USA

Product Design Sprints

University of Virginia

User Research and Design

University of Minnesota