Sam Ahmed

Chicago, Illinois, US

Strategic thinker looking for a co-founder
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I love technology and innovation, and love keeping up to date with new trends in our ever evolving world. My background is in sales- tangible and non-tangible products both. I attended a programming bootcamp so I could gain a better understanding of the fundamentals and practices of the software engineering. I have a strong understanding of big data, cloud, IOT, and interfaces required from one node to another. I am looking for a couple of partners who have multiple skill sets and want to create something amazing.

I am looking to create an IT consulting firm and have established relationships with major solution providers in the industry. I want to focus on Internet of Things, my current day job is at a leading IOT company and it enabled me to learn a lot about the industry that normally would be impossible to learn, which I am very grateful for.

I am looking to solve the challenges clients face in the industry- namely lack of know-how, and lack of proper technological road-map to prototyping, deploying, testing, and then management of the solutions. The industry has unlimited potential and I am looking to find very intelligent, quick learning, and very determined partners. If this sounds interesting and you can wear multiple hats, contact me. This is a role for someone who is not limited to one skill set but can understand a new technology, speak with stakeholders in different verticals and gather requirements, as well as sell. I am looking for someone who is mature and willing to put in time and effort to see this grow and help our world get more connected.


Do. Or do not. There is no try - Yoda

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Enterprise account manager


January 2015 - Today

IOT consultant


Starter League- 1871