Sam Frons

Kings County, New York, US

Sam's Skills
Product Management

About Sam

Hi I'm Sam and I'm an alcoholic (and front-end developer) on the prowl for a technical co-founder.

I founded a company called Addicaid, a new kind of addiction recovery treatment. I started this because of my personal struggle and realizing the lack of innovation in addiction recovery. The main tenants of the company are personalized recovery tools, online and offline support networks, and easy access to professional help. I recently launched the NYC support group meeting finder with yelp-like features but have much more that needs building and need a technical co-founder to help Addicaid be all that it can be!

The current stack is (Bootstrap, mongoDB, sails, angular.JS, node.JS, and nodejitsu). That said, I need a javascript expert with lots of ideas on how build efficiently and elegantly.
I am looking forward to meeting you, future co-founder!